[Preview] P2 "Beauty goes Safari" LE

Hello my love, ^-^
it gives a new LE p2. And the beauty goes Safari. BEAUTY EXPEDITION INTO THE WILD, the theme is a great style safari. The visor has p2 but not antelopes, lions or giraffes, but new Bronzing- and makeup highlights. There will be many exotic summer colors with Eyecatchergarantie, sandy shades and sophisticated shimmering earth tones that will ensure an explorer look. Also suitable make-up equipment there is to it. It is a very summery LE. Summer is coming up ... finally! Now you can ever perfectly equipped for it. :) 

The LE will be from April 23 to July 15, 2015 in DM. Here is a small list of upcoming products for you.

"BEAUTY EXPEDITION INTO THE WILD: p2 cosmetics takes you on the great style safari ins visor but we do not take as antelopes, lions and giraffes at the waterhole - we prefer to stalk the new Bronzing- and makeup highlights of p2. zoom. Matching makeup equipment, exotic summer colors with Eyecatchergarantie, sandy shades and sophisticated shimmering earth tones absorbed a great explorer look.
african earth loose powder
"The desert is alive! The matte bronzing powder with integrated sponge applicator gives even, tanned complexion a stylish beauty adventurer and is suitable for a large order and to set specific accents. Leaves a fantastically proportioned matte complexion for a fresh summer tan ".
The product is vegan.
€ -3.95 / 5g-

beauty body bronzer survivor
"The super-soft, shimmering powder texture with stunning desert ground relief, caresses the skin with radiant pearl pigments at the highest level, leaving optically a summer tanned complexion on the whole body or the desired part. For perfect results the bronzer with a thick brush or p2 Beauty goes Safari fake leo kabuki apply to the desired areas of skin. "
The product is not vegan.
€ -4.95 / 18g-

beyond borders daily defense BB cream
"In a jeep tour through the sand dunes you can forget almost everything around them! But please not the sunscreen! The lightweight day cream with SPF 30 blends with the skin, gives it a bright fresh even finish and protects it from harmful UV radiation. the ideal companion for the summer. Available in two nuance. "
The product is vegan.
€ -4.95 / 40 mL

lost in paradise lipgloss
"African Kiss! Summery, bright, high coverage! The sleek gloss with vitamin E, macadamia oil and Shea butter leaves your lips with its luster pigments in the sunlight shine glamorous. The shimmer pigments provide a special glow effect and optical volume . Available in three colors. "
The color 010 is not vegan. All other colors are vegan.
€ -2.75 / 6ml-

once in a lifetime bronzing chubby
"Dr Chubby provides the perfect summer feeling and gives the skin a soft, mysterious luster. The creme texture can be applied to the face, décolleté or the entire body and incredibly easy to dazzle with your fingers. Available in two colors. "
The product is vegan.
€ -4.75 / 13g-

savannah sunset blush duo
"The silky soft blush duo with sand dunes optics relies on the cheeks summer accents. How kissed by the sun, the practical duo makes for a summery, fresh complexion of the skin can shine. Available in two colors."
The product is vegan.
€ -3.75 / 9g-

sense of savage nail polish
"The summer bright trendy colors with iridescent pearl effect can be easily and evenly and ensure trendy nails with glow effect and summery color finish. Available in four colors."
The product is vegan.
€ -2.25 / 10ml-

summer passion mascara & eyeliner 2in1
"The perfect duo for an expressive look for a sundowner in the luxury Lodge: The Mascara gives lashes fullness and spectacular volume - the color-rich liquid eyeliner makes your eyes shine Provides a stunning, perfectly color matched summer look for contact lens wearers.. . available in two colors suitable. "
The color 010 is not vegan. The color 020 is vegan.
€ -4.95 / 10ml + 1,2ml-

sunset duo eyeshadow
"The velvety soft texture provides a bright, intense color finish and an impressive look. The combination of matte and pearl effects great accents can be set on the eyelid. Ideal for an intense, fast color result. Available in four colors."
The color 010 is not vegan. All other colors are vegan.
€ -3.45 / 3G

rich & healthy body oil
"For a silky soft feel and a perfect summer feeling: The ultra-light Body- Spray with macadamia oil and vitamin E does not just smell tempting to Lotus flower and peonies, but gives summery tanned skin a delicate, mysterious luster Large-scale spray on the body. and then rub it with the palms. "
The product is vegan.
€ -4.95 / 29ml-

Tantastic face bronzer
"As the sun's rays in the summer of delicate powder flatters the face and gives a radiant complexion tanned like gentle. The desert floor relief also ensures an exciting safari feeling. Just with a suitable brush or with the p2 Beauty goes Safari fake leo kabuki on face , neck and décolleté - large area or partially for contouring and setting Highlights Available in two colors. ".
The product is vegan.
€ -3.95 / 7g-

sensational tattoo jewels
"The absolute MUST-HAVE for every visit to the beach, each pool party every festival and concert! The beautiful iridescent body tattoo, which is a definite eye-catcher of the summer. Give your summer tan the known final touch and sparkling in no time elegance and style on every body. Just like a decal, they can be easily applied to the desired area of skin and stick up to 3-5 days, even on the body part and care. "
€ -3.95 / 1 Set

fake leo kabuki
"The high-quality brush made of artificial fibers is ideally suited to finely powdered foundation, powder or mineral makeup on to wear. Through the many, very close together and standing compact brush hair, the powder evenly everywhere and still be applied sparingly."
€ -3.45 


sunlight lipstick
"Not only in the Tanzanian plains but also on any beach party and every festival is an absolute must-have: The velvety soft texture gives the lips thanks to highly pigmented colors intense luminosity Available in three colors.."
The product is not vegan.
€ -2.95 / 4G

more than mineral loose powder
"Diamonds and precious stones although we have not discovered, but still ultra-fine, silky lightweight powder contains natural minerals quartz and topaz. The integrated brush it can be applied quickly and easily and provides a perfect, even finish."
The product is vegan.
€ -3.95 / 4,5g-

I like the LE totally good. I'll look around and see me once time maybe I'll take what.

How do you like the LE?  ^^

                                                                      Sümi <3


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