Catrice "Travel De Luxe" LE - Preview

Hello everyone,  ^_^
have again a new LE for you Catrice.
The LE is in June with fresh colors ever seen a foretaste of the summer. The "Travel De Luxe" by CATRICE LE will be Budni, Müller, Rossmann, Globus, Manor, BIPA and dm.

"La Croisière. The current cruise collections invite you to warm temperatures and ocean waves. Light fabrics, summery prints and fresh colors swap dreary boring gray against carefree summer mood. The designers put on casual modernity. With the Limited Edition "Travel De Luxe" by CATRICE suitable travel companion are offered to the exclusive fashion collections in June 2015. Fresh Apricot, bright rosé, sparkling white, modern nautical blue and soft blue-gray are for the ideal color range. Highlights include the Travel Set of highlighter, blush, bronzer, two eye shadows, a kohl and a highlighting pen which Refreshing Mist Body Spray, a refreshing body spray and the Caring Lip Balm with SPF 20. Take a Cruise - by CATRICE.


Fall With... Tag

Hello my sweet^ ^
I was tagged by the MishCheungX loved ones, and I want to do that too happy now.
I wish you much fun here

1. If you could fall for one of your eyebrows, left or right, which one would it be and why?
I Would take the left eyebrow, because I have a pony on the left side you can not see it. =D 

2. If any celebrity could fall for you, which celebrity would it be?
Kim Hyun Joong <3 <3 <3  C.A.P from Teen Top <3 <3 <3 V from BTS <3 <3 <3 I Love It ^ ^


[Preview] P2 "Beauty goes Safari" LE

Hello my love, ^-^
it gives a new LE p2. And the beauty goes Safari. BEAUTY EXPEDITION INTO THE WILD, the theme is a great style safari. The visor has p2 but not antelopes, lions or giraffes, but new Bronzing- and makeup highlights. There will be many exotic summer colors with Eyecatchergarantie, sandy shades and sophisticated shimmering earth tones that will ensure an explorer look. Also suitable make-up equipment there is to it. It is a very summery LE. Summer is coming up ... finally! Now you can ever perfectly equipped for it. :) 

The LE will be from April 23 to July 15, 2015 in DM. Here is a small list of upcoming products for you.

"BEAUTY EXPEDITION INTO THE WILD: p2 cosmetics takes you on the great style safari ins visor but we do not take as antelopes, lions and giraffes at the waterhole - we prefer to stalk the new Bronzing- and makeup highlights of p2. zoom. Matching makeup equipment, exotic summer colors with Eyecatchergarantie, sandy shades and sophisticated shimmering earth tones absorbed a great explorer look.


[Preview] P2 "Culture & Sprit" LE

Hello everyone, =)
I rise today with a new limited edition of P2 she calls herself Culture & Sprit.

Let's get started:  ^^

"BEAUTY GOES GLOBAL: India, South America and Morocco - where darf's go?
With the new make-up highlights of p2's close to the whole world at your feet! Inspired by different cultures, customs and traditions around the globe combines the colorful, glamorous Ethno the hottest beauty Spirits from around the world and creates extravagant "multicultural Looks" - more conspicuous, the better! It is exactly this versatility that makes the special "Culture & Spirit-Style" is. "


[FMA] Karlsruhe Zoo

Hi everybody,  =)
I was on Saturday with my friend and my little sister in Karlsruhe, we went to the zoo there, and I must say I thought it was really great.
I have a few pictures for you made and I hope you enjoy it.    ^^


Rival de Loop Young - Baked Eyeshadow - 04 latte macchiato

hello everyone, 
Today I'll show you a baked eyeshadow I like so much. I got it now repeatedly tried and am happy with it.    =)

Rival de Loop Young Baked Eyeshadow
04 latte macchiato 
3g for 1,99 €


Small dm Haul / April #1

Hi everybody,
I'll get back with a small drugstore haul.
I just wanted to buy a thing, but then again I'm more than just a thing bought. =)

Here We Go  =(^-^)= 

the products in individually:

Balea wipes for 1,25 €

Ebelin facial massage brush for 1,75 €

Alverde Hair with almond oil and argan oil for 2,95 €

Balea Mystique razor blades for 2,95 €

p2 Nail Care Nail Wax for 2,75 €

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray for 4 € about

That's my little shopping, I hope it was interesting.

Until next time

                                                                                   Sümi <3


Sweepstakes #1

Hi everybody,
I've been thinking that I make a winning game, as a thank you for so many subscribers. =)

                                              That's the price you can to your winnings.

All the Participants must be 18 years or want over 18 years old. 

What you have to do this:

1. follow me on GFC / if your that still does not
2. Writes in a post about my Giveaway 
3. Write to me in the comments why you want to win?
4. I still write address + blog in the comments to your e-mail.
5. The winner will be notified by e-mail from me.
6. All the company have gesschrieben your email and blog address in the comments Automatically part in the competition.
  (For those who write your e-mail and blog address NOT in the comments, also take part in the competition does not.)

The competition ends on May 01.2015    

I hope you like the little thing, good luck in the prize draw and a nice day.

Love your greetings Sümi


The Versatile Blogger Award 2015

Hey People, =)
I was tagged by Vaillant and Tokki baby for The Versatile Blogger Award.
  Let's get started.

     You just have to simply follow these instructions:
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers that are relatively new to blogging.
  • Let the bloggers know that you've nominated them (either thru email or comments).
  • Share 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

10 facts about me:

1. My real name is Sümerya But, you will say to me Sümi.
2. I like listening to K-pop music ( BTS, Sistar, Teen Top, BTOB, Got7, Girls Day, and more)
3. I Love Korean Drama ( Playful Kiss, Twenty, Dream High, and More ) 
4. I have a Samsung phone, because I find the best Samsung brand.
5. I am a Turk but I was born in Germany and I live in Germany.
6. My favorite food is sushi and fried noodles
7. I have a little sister
8. I am a big fan Anime. ( One Piece, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Detektive Conan, Death Note,     and more )
9. I draw and happy times in my free time.  
10. I'm a big fan of Asia, especially Korea and Japan, of course I like the others countries also happy.

I nominate these bloggers and their respective blog:

1. Dinosaurs are 짱 
2. MishCheungX 
3. Tom and Tins
4. Sakuranko
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14. Loveellentan
15. The Chic Cupcake 

So that's again for today, I hope you liked it.
I wish you a nice day.  =) 

                                                                               Sümi <3


Spring 2015

Hello my sweet, ^_^

spring is around the corner, and today I'll show you a few pictures from our park.
I hope the little insight from the park like it.

Great fun  =)   <3 


The long building is the Saline salt water flows there and down there running older or younger people sick. It is said that the water is healthy. 

 Here in the city we have many vineyards, grapes are there together and made into wine.


 The parking lot down there is the largest with us. There, the famous sausage market is held fixed. With carousels and games booths and more.

 This little church is on a small mountain.

Here you see the Isenacht, which is a small river of vielst with us.

mini waterfall =D


we also have a small water wheel

I think the flowers very nice. ^^

A statue with two horses heads =)

I think this looks like a smiley 

I threw hope you liked it. =)
I wish you also a nice Rühling.   <3 

              Sümi <3


[Follow Me Around] Ludwigshafen Shops

Hello everyone,
I was at the weekend times in Ludwigshafen on the go and you've made a few small photos of the shops where I was drine.

This is the Town Hall Centre, it has many small shops, and I'll show you.

There is a shoe shop called Deichmann.

Then we had our drugstore calls himself Rossmann.

Then we were in the Rhine gallery, there are also several small businesses.  

In the Rheingalerie we were eating Asian.

I've ordered fried noodles.

That's it, it was not so much but I hope you liked it still useable. ^^   

                                                                                     Sümi <3



[Preview] essence #secretparty" LE

Hello my sweet.
In addition to the new LE "Nomadic Traces" by Catrice, there in May, a new LE Essence of it is the "Secret Party" LE that already matches forward to the summer.

Manufacturers promise to this LE:
"BY INVITATION ONLY. Only a few make it to the coveted guest list. With the new trend edition" #secret party "celebrates essence May-June 2015, the pool party of the year. Cool drinks, good vibes and pink, inflatable flamingo and Schwimmreifen for your total pool and party fun the right style offers essence:. Summer bronzing products, light texture and a color scheme reminiscent of the Caribbean, consisting of orange, pink, turquoise, mint and Brown's must-haves are the kabuki brush with extra-soft hair and body spray for a slight cooling effect on the skin a particularly practical highlight the self-adhesive drink markers. Thanks to the six beach motifs such as Flamingo or palm one's own glass can also among many others find quickly #bestpartyever -.! with essence "

The Products:

essence #secret party - eyeshadow
"Pssst, there is a party! The two eye shadows with soft texture give the eyes a long-lasting finish with subtle shimmer. Warm Bronze and refreshing mint with sweet flamingo and palm leaf embossing create a summery look." Available in 01 glow of my life and 02 swimming pool to go. 1.59 .

essence #secret party - jelly gloss
"Pool and Party ... The semi-transparent lip gloss gives lips an ultra-shiny result in either bright pink or bright orange. The slight tint effect the look will survive a dip in the pool!"
Available in 01 and 02 pink up your life keep calm and party on.
To € 1.99.

essence #secret party – blush
"Fun in the sun! Eine schöne, sommerliche Frische schenkt der Blush den Wangen in warmem Pink. Die seidige Pudertextur lässt sich easy verblenden und fühlt sich angenehm leicht auf der Haut an." 2Erhältlich in 01 pink up your life. 
Um 2,99 €.

essence #secret party - bronzing powder
"Got Tan? That dull, dark bronzing powder combined with a lighter part with slight shimmer pigments creates a natural sun-kissed complexion. With sweet flip flop embossing microfine powder not only makes all the Beauties eye-catcher, but is one yourself." Available in 01 glow of my life.
To € 3.49.

 essence #secret party - kabuki brush
"? Too cool for pool A perfect complexion is a must on any summer party The super soft, supple kabuki brush is not only for the bronzing powder or blush ideal, but blends in with any powder -. Whether loose or compact"
Available in 01 brush-tastic.
To € 4.49.

essence #secret party - nail polish
"Colour splash ... The long-lasting nail polishes give the nails a high-gloss, gel-like finish in soft green, aquatic blue, bright pink or bright orange. Perfect eye-catching colors for hands or feet!"
Available in 01 swimming pool to go, too 02 pool for school, 03 pink up your life and 04 keep calm and party on. 1.79 .

essence #secret party - bodyspray
"Pool body! A refreshing break never hurts. The light spray cools the face and body quickly, leaves no residue on the skin, giving it a pleasant neutral scent."
Available in 01 splish splash.
To € 2.99.

essence #secret party - drink markers
"My drink While dancing, in the pool or relax in the sun drinking glass can sometimes be lost No problem with the drink markers:. The six bright, transparent, self-adhesive silicone stickers help your own glass, among many other of the party guests to see again. Just one of the six witty themes such as Flamingo, Palm or sunglasses stick and the glass is already marked! "
Available in 01 do not drink and dive.
To € 1.99.

essence #secret party - cosmetic bag
"Beauty hiding! The transparent cosmetic bag with zipper in neon pink holds all beauty products that need to the party together! The material also make water splashes from nothing, so the it-pieces are ideal protected."
Available in 01 my friend has a swimming pool.
Of 2.49 .

My opinion on this LE:This LE is really good mood for the summer. I find this LE from the design and presentation very well done and there are some products here that interest me from this LE. The eyeshadow I find the sweet flamingo and palm trees embossing very interesting. But I fear that the brown eye shadow is exactly the same eye shadow from the "Oktoberfest" LE of Essence. I have to look at it it. The Blush speaks to me of the color very much. I am looking forward to his pigmentation. The Bronzer with his sandals Embossed I find very cute, but somehow it reminds me of the colors on the bronzer from the previous Beach Cruisers LE. I am curious if this has the same color output. The Kabuki I will look even closer. The nail polish colors speak to me very much. The Body Spray can really use in the summer for a little refreshment. Although the bag looks cute, but for me it is unfortunately useless and uninteresting.

How do you find this LE? ^^

Enough again for today, I hope you liked it and I say until next time.  =) <3

                                                                     Sümi <3