Essence 2 in 1 Package

Hello my sweet,
Today I'll show you a 2 in 1 package of essence.

The package cost € 6.95.
included is a perfume with the name Like a day in a candy shop.

essence “Like A Day In A Candy Shop” Perfume :
I like the smell quite like. Otherwise I would not have bought it.

Fragrance Notes:
"Top notes: orchid, peach
Heart: lilac, heliotrope, jasmine
Base notes: musk, tonka bean, vanilla "
(Source: parfumo.de)

I feel the smell as sweet and flowery. At the beginning of the contract, the perfume smells like something powdery. What I personally do not perceive are lilac and vanilla, which indeed usually smell rather strong.
The base notes you take actually true relatively quickly. Tonka bean is most dominant.
At the beginning of the fragrance intensity is just right, but unfortunately it does not last long. Actually, I smell after half an hour, no more of the eau de toilette. That's what I think is a pity. Long lasting fragrance in my opinion is not so.
But for the price one can then spray also quiet times. I find the fragrance intensity is likely to be a little stronger. Therefore, the scent does not in the least intrusive.

All in all, I can say that I like the smell, but I am not convinced of the grip.

 essence all about sweets eyeshadow :
As stated at the beginning there is in addition a small eye shadow palette.
When swatches unfortunately I had to find the first problems with the palette. Since pastels are anyway difficult because they naturally have less pigmentation, I was not expecting too much from the pallet. However, it was even worse than I thought! Except for the pink and brown, I could not make any reasonable swatches with your fingers (despite base). As I suspected that the eyeshadows were simply printed to hard, I tried it with a brush, it worked much better.

One disappointment was especially the bright brass tone, as I had here somehow expected a comprehensive metallic result for me. This is probably because I essence of simply know it better, especially when it comes to metallic sounds. Very disappointing, I also think the Mint, because here you can see on the skin while a shimmering product, but hardly color. Overall I think that most of the colors blur on the eye to a mush. This means that you will hardly be able to distinguish.

The range I can not recommend you, but I try it anyway even a look in order to make-up.

                                                                            Sümi  <3