[Preview] Catrice "Nomadic Traces" LE

Hello my sweet,
Today I have again a new preview for you. It's about the LE "Nomadic Traces" by Catrice.

Ethnic and exotic. Wanderlust attracts new territory. Invites you on a journey into the desert and reveals the infinite beauty of the Orient. The upcoming Ethno Couture is summery, sensual and luxurious. A modern mix of patterns and fiery colors. The start of the active interpreted nomadic Looks provided the Spring / Summer runway shows, where designers oriental-style designs presented with a new transmission.
With the Limited Edition "Nomadic Traces" by CATRICE the exciting fashion trend is brought into the beauty world in May 2015. Bright red and electrifying blue with calm gray-brown, warm gold, delicate Nude and fresh apricot. Must-haves are the Powder Eye Shadow Matte Bronzer and with extraordinary relief embossing and the Tattoo Pen, who is the "Infinity" icon on the skin. The pattern of infinity - by CATRICE.

The Products: 

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Powder Eye Shadow
Ray of Light. The soft powder eyeshadow with satin finish comes in two variants luxurious, dark brown and savannah, each with impressive Gold Splash. In combination with the elaborate relief embossing the ensemble reminiscent of the rising sun in the Sahara. Available in C01 and C02 hiking Luxe Savanna's gold. To € 3.49.

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen
Luxury liner. With the long-lasting eyeliner Geleyelinern and ornamental patterns succeed accurate and easy. The pen decorated with a modern interpretation ornament in metallic gold, enriched the collection in two colors, Electric Blue and Black Nearly. Available in C01 and C02 Leap In The Dark Trip Into The Blue. To € 2.99.

Matte Bronzer - Nomadic Traces by CATRICE
Hot Desert. A quick summer tan bronzer provides the mat. Its matte powder texture is ideal for contouring the face. Special eye-catcher is the striking characteristics. The radiating relief resembles the incident sunlight and awakens the appetite for new adventure travel. Available in C01 Brave bronze. At around 4.99 .

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Matte Lip Colour
Sunset. The bright shades of Lip Colours Matt put statements. Here are two modern reds are offered with a matte texture directly, not to exceed sensuality. Especially handy: Both variants come as Chubby Pen in the edition. Absolutely opaque and irresistible! available in
C01 and C02 Nomaddicted To Red Urban Red. To € 3.49.


Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Nail Lacquer
Orient Impress. Four colors with ultimate ultimate opacity. Electric Blue and red points with matte finish, while warm golden-brown and fresh Peach convince with ultimate shine. The packaging is reminiscent of Arabian Nights and relies on modern interpretations Orient pattern. Four colors of the
Summer beautify! Available in C01 hiking Luxe, C02 Boundless Peach, C03 Nomaddicted To Red, C04 Trip Into The Blue. 2.79 .

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Tattoo Pen
Infinity. Eternity for one night. With the Tattoo Pen can be quickly and easily set an example. The practical applicator stamps the infinity symbol in black and very easy on the previously cleaned and dry skin and can be used with a conventional make-up remover easily removed. Available in C01 Road To Infinity. To € 2.99.

The wars with the New Le Catrice, I hope it has given you ineressier.

Until next time.

                                                                           Sümi <3


7 Facts about me

Hello girls, ^^
the love Tokki baby has recently posted a The Versatile Blogger Award on her side.
And I thought to myself something like I do sometimes, now is not exactly like her or something like that.

I'll show you facts about me, a lot of fun.  =)

1. Info about me:
My real name is Sümerya, I am a Turkish woman and I live in Germany. and I am 20 years old.

2. Hobby: My hobbies are listening to Kpop music and watch Korean drama, I read manga totally happy and like to watch anime.

3. Food: My favorite foods are sushi, fried noodles and rice.

4. Favorite Korean drama. Playful Kiss, Twenty, Kim Hyun Joong play where everything and Jung So-min with.

5. Favorite kpop idol: Kim Hyun Joong, SS501, BTS, Sistar, and more. =)

6. Single or Sold: I'm taken for 2 years. ^^

7.Physical Appearance: I am 160 large have long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm from the extensive body not too thick but not thin I am more plump.
Short Info: I just remove it.

The wars with 7 facts about me, I hope it has ineressiert you. now you know a little about me. ^^

I would be interested what are you listening to music, and I wanted to know if you like to have a few diet TIPS then I would be glad if you write in the comment.

Visited times but the love Tokki Baby
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I'll see you next time.

                                                 Sümi <3


Inside Tip: Kaufmann's Skin and Children Cream

Hello my sweet welcome back,
today I want to show you a secret tip from me, I wonder if it is perhaps no secret tip, because it determines many know.
Nevertheless, I show you this.
Today I have a care tip for you. I have been using for some time, the skin and cream of children merchant. May sound a bit strange at first, but the cream is a true "all-rounder". Without the cream I'm not even leave the house, she simply must always be in my purse.
Manufacturer promises:
Kaufmann's skin and children cream
helps brittle, dry, sensitive skin of the face and delicate hands.
What is the child, also uses the adults. The cream protects the skin from irritation and soreness.
 Die Creme hab ich bei dm gekauft und hat 0,95 € gekostet für 30 ml.
These baby cream is actually butt for baby. But now I use you but mainly for my lips. It makes the lips incredibly soft and maintains this very well. I actually brittle in winter rough lips, because of the constant cold and dry and the heater. But this cream also overwhelmed by this.
It buys you !! You will thank me. For less than one euro you can not go wrong here. My holy grail of lip balm!
                                                                                             Sümi <3


[Preview] Alverde - "Fabulous Fifties" LE

Hi pretty,

Today I have another Limited Edition for you by Alverde. Now you ask yourself determines what is Alverde? Alverde is a German cosmetics brand, this brand steal her natural cosmetics. Now you know what is Alverde. I hope it gfällt you, and a lot of fun there.  =)

Today I'll show you the Fabulous Fifties LE of Alverde.
The LE will be available in stores from 26 March to 22 April.

The Products:

Lipstick: (4.5 g for € 2.95):
Expressive colors for a seductive pout in the rockabilly look. With jojoba oil from certified organic cultivation and shorea. Apply the lipstick from the center outwards. Not vegan! Available colors Rockabella Red 10, Sugar Rose 20 Dominant Pink 30th

Eye brow gel: (4.5 g for € 2.35)
Expressive eyebrows - the WOW effect for eye make-up in the '50s look; the transparent reference 10 for cultivated and marketed in the form of eyebrows or the universal brown reference 20 for an extra emphasis on the brows - suitable for light and dark hair types. Recipe with vegetable keratin and organic avocado oil, with special brush for easy application. Not vegan! Available colors Transparent Brown Everybody's 10 and 20th

Eyeliner: (3.9 ml for € 3.25)
An expressive eyeliner is a must-have for every Fifties Beauty. The eyeliner in three different colors with jojoba oil from certified organic agriculture can be applied precisely thanks to its fine applicator. Prepare for the faithful Fifties look at the inner corner of the eye and let the eyeliner outward slightly wider and with a slight swing upward run. Vegan! Available colors Cameo Eyes 10 Tease Me 20 Grey and Black Retro 30th

Cleaning powder: (11 g for € 3.95)
The cleaning powder with poppy flower, mallow and valuable minerals frees the skin gently of makeup, dirt particles and excess sebum. Suitable for oily / greasy skin. Application: Apply a small amount of powder sprinkle in the hand and let lather with a little water. Then spread on the face and massage. Avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water. A clean skin is the best foundation for fifties beauty makeup. Vegan!

Baked Rouge: (13 g for € 3.95)
The baked marbled Rouges in two shades are an absolute eye-catcher and give a fresh and extravagant Fifties complexion. For discreet distribute the rouge on the cheekbones. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Not vegan! Available colors Dizzy Peach 10 and lollipop Pink 20th


Mono Eyeshadow: (2.2 g for 2.25 ):
A variety of eye shadow colors for confident 50s beauty. The colored accents in pink, gray and green eyes to be fabulous eye-catcher. The formula with chamomile flower extract from organic farming and bisabolol is gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. Available colors Paint Me Pink 10 (not vegan), Grey Light Green Beauty 20 and 30 (both vegan).

2in1 Peeling Mask: (10 ml for € 1.95)
The 2in1 exfoliating mask in the Fifties design with sweet almond and poppy extract of organic cleanses and gently removes dead skin cells. The texture with natural fruit acids clears the skin and leaves a velvety soft feeling. Application: The product with a circular motion gently massage into the skin. Mouth and eye contour area generously. After massaging leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Suitable for all skin types. For 1-2 applications. Vegan!

Mascara False Lashes: (11 ml for € 3.95)
With valuable minerals and innovatively shaped brush for a spectacular false lash effect. Eye and Contact Lens Compatibility ophthalmologist confirmed. Not vegan!

That's it with the products, I'll see if I'm interested what you do and of course a little blog post.

I hope you liked it and see you next time.

                                                                           Sümi <3


Essence 2 in 1 Package

Hello my sweet,
Today I'll show you a 2 in 1 package of essence.

The package cost € 6.95.
included is a perfume with the name Like a day in a candy shop.

essence “Like A Day In A Candy Shop” Perfume :
I like the smell quite like. Otherwise I would not have bought it.

Fragrance Notes:
"Top notes: orchid, peach
Heart: lilac, heliotrope, jasmine
Base notes: musk, tonka bean, vanilla "
(Source: parfumo.de)

I feel the smell as sweet and flowery. At the beginning of the contract, the perfume smells like something powdery. What I personally do not perceive are lilac and vanilla, which indeed usually smell rather strong.
The base notes you take actually true relatively quickly. Tonka bean is most dominant.
At the beginning of the fragrance intensity is just right, but unfortunately it does not last long. Actually, I smell after half an hour, no more of the eau de toilette. That's what I think is a pity. Long lasting fragrance in my opinion is not so.
But for the price one can then spray also quiet times. I find the fragrance intensity is likely to be a little stronger. Therefore, the scent does not in the least intrusive.

All in all, I can say that I like the smell, but I am not convinced of the grip.

 essence all about sweets eyeshadow :
As stated at the beginning there is in addition a small eye shadow palette.
When swatches unfortunately I had to find the first problems with the palette. Since pastels are anyway difficult because they naturally have less pigmentation, I was not expecting too much from the pallet. However, it was even worse than I thought! Except for the pink and brown, I could not make any reasonable swatches with your fingers (despite base). As I suspected that the eyeshadows were simply printed to hard, I tried it with a brush, it worked much better.

One disappointment was especially the bright brass tone, as I had here somehow expected a comprehensive metallic result for me. This is probably because I essence of simply know it better, especially when it comes to metallic sounds. Very disappointing, I also think the Mint, because here you can see on the skin while a shimmering product, but hardly color. Overall I think that most of the colors blur on the eye to a mush. This means that you will hardly be able to distinguish.

The range I can not recommend you, but I try it anyway even a look in order to make-up.

                                                                            Sümi  <3   


[Preview] "Doll´s Collection" LE from Catrice

Hello my sweet.
There are new LE-News Catrice. There will be a new LE called "Doll's Collection" by Catrice from March to May 2015. I would like to introduce you to this LE closer.

The products of this LE are available from mid-March to mid-May.

"Fashion Doll meets Sixties. Jetset glamor, black and white contrasts and the effects of optical art. The journey leads to the 60s back to Twiggy, the icon of all top models. With her doll eyes, the wide eyeliner and the highly inked eyelashes was it the model for a whole generation Until now inspired her distinctive look of designer. a-shaped mini dresses, loop applications and graphical patterns can be spring / summer collections 2015. with the Limited Edition "Doll's Collection" by CATRICE is the hip sixties flavor celebrated from mid-March to mid-May 2015. the collection stands with must-have products for an expressive eye make-up, such as the Matt dip eyeliner, glamor Doll mascara and the Doll Lashes. mat textures and delicate pastels, including lavender, tender green or apricot, create a doll-like appearance with a new freshness the Sixties are swinging back -.. by CATRICE "

The Products:  

Collection by CATRICE - Satin Matte Eyeshadow
The Look. The soft powder eyeshadow with satin-matte finish confident in three limited colors with maximum opacity: lavender, cream white and pastel green. The pleasantly soft texture provides a velvety feeling and the unique Op Art Packaging is a real eye-catcher. Available in C01 Playing in Lavender Heaven, C02 Hide & Green, Be My C03 Porcelain Doll !. 3.79 .
Collection by CATRICE - Matt Dip Eyeliner
Twiggy's Eyes. The extra wide eyeliner, called Sixties Wing, is a must-have for perfect Doll Eyes. With the long-lasting matte Dip Eyeliner the large curved arc is particularly fast and simply pulled over the upper lash line. The result is precise and confident with matte finish. Available in C01 Black. To € 2.99.

Collection by CATRICE - Glamour Doll Mascara
Meet the icon. Now the popular Glamour Doll mascara comes in a limited edition look. The special elastomer brush wraps each lash with black texture without weighing them. This creates lots of extra volume and eyelashes convince with fascinating length and density. Sixties Tip: For large doll eyes must deceive the upper and lower lashes! Available in C01 Black. To € 3,99 *.
Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Doll Lashes
Big is back. False eyelashes are part of the Twiggy look to it. The Doll Lashes CATRICE provides artificial eyelashes bands for the upper and lower lash line. The result is an expressive eye make-up with wow factor. The set comes including a mini-adhesive. To € 4.49 *.

Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Ball Blush
Bubble Ball. This curved cream blush is dabbed directly on the cheeks and developed in contact with skin a powdery matte finish. The light texture leaves a softes feeling on the skin and the fresh apricot tone makes for a radiant complexion. Available in C01 Droll like a doll. To € 3,99 *.
Collection by CATRICE - Nail Lacquer
Swinging Sixties Nails. Lavender, peach, pastel green and white with apricot-colored sparkles - this spring-like colors range brings lightness in the retro look. Ultimate colors, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine make the Nail Lacquers about popular must-haves, the effects of which vary from plain to glitter. Not to be overlooked: the packaging with striking Op Art pattern. Available in C01 Droll like a doll, C02 Playing in Lavender Heaven, C03 and C04 Hide & Green Be My Porcelain Doll !. 2.79 *.

Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Cuticle tattoos
Sign Statement. The Cuticle tattoos, small and large loops are mounted underneath the nail bed on the knuckles and give the nail a stylish setting. First, the area of skin where the tattoo to be placed Cuticle rid of makeup residues and excess Haufett, select tattoo size, cut and remove the white backing paper. Then press the tattoo with the design down for five seconds to dry skin. Finally, remove the transparent film and finish the design. With baby oil can easily be removed again. A romantic token of love to this beautiful era. Available in C01 Catch me if you're Ken. 2.29 *.
My Opinion:
I find this LE really cute and I like this "doll-like" style. I particularly like the eyeshadow. I'm going to get the LE closer look at the store reputation.
That's it for today, I hope you liked it, and until next time.

                                                                                                Sümi <3